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Way back in 2010, I wrote about my samples using an islamic pattern taken from an object in the V&A collection. With the dark blue quilt long finished, I haven’t written anything about the paper pieced quilt since then. It has not been forgotten, but I did run into a couple of snags on the way. Apart from that, hand-sewing is slow, and this has been almost exclusively a travel project over the last years.

But I’m slowly getting somewhere now, so, progress!

Crumbling Beauty 1

This is the currently finished pieces laid out on a tentative background fabric. The big circle in the upper left is already assembled. Very, maybe too colourful for a whole quilt, and I’m running out of the yellow fabric as well. So, plan B is in order.

The tentative title of the piece is “Crumbling Beauty”, and the idea is to not cover the whole area of the quilt, but let the pattern gradually run out towards the lower right, with smaller pieces here and there left, while most of the tiles have already fallen off, like a mosaic that’s slowly falling apart. I’m thinking of a very dark blue for the background fabric, but haven’t been able to acquire just the right fabric till now.

1001 Nights

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I finished the quilt for the challenge from my quilt group! It’s due in November, so I have no idea how that could have happened. Usually I barely make the deadline! So, here it is in all its glory:

The topic was “Blue”, and the required size somewhere around 40*40 cm. Since that’s my standard pillow size and I’m not very likely to use it as a wallhanging, I used my usual pillow closure at the back, so I can actually use it as a pillow cover after the exhibition. I’m calling it “1001 Nights” after the Arabian Fairytale collection, because the dark blue (actually much darker than in this image) reminds me of the night sky and the gold thread weaves a traditional islamic pattern on that sky.

Maybe it’s interesting to have a look at how I achieved that effect. The gold thread is couched onto the fabric using a sewing machine stitch, as you can see in this detail:

Since marking that dark fabric would have been difficult, I used a little trick: The background fabric is a light blue, and I drew the pattern on the background fabric using the tried-and-tested “tape it to the window” method. I then made the quilt sandwich and sewed over the drawing lines with a straight stitch on the backside. Here you can see the marked background with the sewing partly done:

After that part was finished, I turned the thing around and couched the gold thread over all the straight lines. You can see the sewing better at the back:

I’m happy with the result and saved myself a lot of trouble because I didn’t have to try and mark that dark blue fabric. A bit more sewing, since I had to sew over every line twice, but well worth it in my book.

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