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Yes, I know, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. Sorry about that, I’ve been occupied elsewhere, and I’ll try to post more regularly again from now on. One of the projects that has been taking up much of my attention during the last month has been the start of a new blog, written by the volunteers  at Distributed Proofreaders. I spend a lot of my time volunteering over there and have written about some of the needlework books you can find on Project Gutenberg’s Crafts Bookshelf as a result of DP’s work before. You can find them, together with reviews of  some more modern books, in the Book Reviews Category.

The DP Blog will have content about all the different types of books we work on, but since I’m one of the people writing for it, you can be sure there will be the odd needlework book or two reviewed over there. In fact, my first post is talking about a book I’ve referenced here before, more than once. Go read about my take on the Encyclopedia of Needlework , hope you like the post! All the other posts are great, too, so spending a bit of time over there is highly recommended if you like books. I’ll most likely post new reviews of books on the Crafts Bookshelf at the new blog, but I’ll make sure to mention them here so you can go read them if you want.

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