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October 6, 2019 at 8:49 am | Posted in Patchwork, Quilting | 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, I showed you my colourful find while cleaning up the craft room. A few days later, I did indeed have a finished quilt, as promised:

Fraunhofer Lines - quilted

I used simple horizontal lines for quilting, reminding me of early pictures of solar spectra that often have lots of thin grainy lines. At that point, the quilt had a tunnel and a label, and was technically finished. But while this treatment was intentionally much simpler than what I had initially planned, I felt something was missing.

So out came the beads and sequins, and during the last couple of weeks, I added them, and am much happier with the result now:

Fraunhofer Lines - beaded

Here’s a detail:

Fraunhofer Lines - detail

The beads remind me of the sparkling you get when sunlight is broken up by a prism or crystal. I also think it makes the asymmetric layout of the quilt work better than before.

Beaded Jewellery

January 20, 2008 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Other Crafts | 1 Comment

Although I usually don’t wear a lot of jewellery, I sometimes have the urge to make some. Here are the results of some small projects I made a while ago:

Beaded Jewelry

The bracelet was embroidered an a light blue fabric band 2.5 cm wide, the closure is a piece of velcro. For the embroidery you take all the beads for a whole line on the needle, take the needle down at the end of the line and on your way back to the beginning you couch the thread down between the beads. I cut the band a bit more than twice as long as the finished bracelet, so I could make a nice clean backside by folding it back over the embroidery and sewing the edges together.

The brooch is about 4.5 cm in diameter. I made it mostly in a 90 minute workshop at a crafts fair a couple of years ago. You take a pretty dense fabric, lay it double and draw the form you want (a circle in my case). You then sew it together, cut out the form including a seam allowance and turn it inside out. Fill the little resulting pillow with wool and sew shut. Then you start to embroider the beads on it, using a double thread and always stitching through all the layers, so the filling gets compacted. When finished, this leads to the pillow being really stiff. Attach the fastening needle to the back and voilĂ , a finished project!

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