This page is intended to document my various attempts at drawing and painting. While this is primarily a needlework blog, my aim is to design as many of my projects as possible myself. I figured out a while ago that improving my non-existing drawing skills might be what it takes to get a lot of my ideas out of my head onto a piece of paper and finally into a needlework piece. By now, I have almost a whole sketchbook full of pencil drawings, but I recently got bored and splurged on some watercolours and watersoluble oil pastels. Since then my enthusiasm for drawing and painting has soared considerably. As time goes on, I’ll add my pictures here. To save some space, I’ll use thumbnails on the page, if you’re interested enough to look at the full size version, as always you can click on the thumbnail.

April 21, 2012:

Another indoor sketchcrawl at my favourite museum:

January 21, 2011:

I couldn’t make it to the last sketchcrawl, but this one was really nice again. We went to the natural history museum and enjoyed ourselves very much!

July 23, 2011:

Since the weather was not what it’s supposed to be, the 32nd SketchCrawl ended up being a visit to the ethnological museum, and lots of fun was had in there:

A sisal weaving on the left from Africa, and a wooden figure on the right from Oceania.

An ornamental decoration for a ship’s stern from New Zealand.

The museum shop, orientally inspired.

On the left, a weaving pattern from South America, and on the right, a miniature tepee from North America.

And last one, a knitted hat from Africa with a very interesting construction.

April 16, 2011:

A nice and sunny, if still a bit cold and windy spring day took us into the courtyard at the Munich Stadtmuseum. We ended up staying in this relatively protected place pretty much the whole day, enjoying to be able to sketch outside.

January 22, 2011:

The 30th Sketchcrawl took us indoors to  Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. I was trialling a new, smaller sketchbook, and the smaller format seems to help me to get more done!

Fall 2010:

I took a watercolour course during the fall of last year, and here are the results. I learnt quite a bit in a short time, so while I’m still not completely comfortable painting, I declare it a success.

July 31, 2010:

Summer was finally here for the 28th SketchCrawl, so we went to the Olympic Park. Lots of surprises were waiting for us, as in the fun fair that was taking place on the free area just in front of the Olympic Stadium. I was sitting on a little hill overlooking the fun fair and trying to capture the colourful view. Since I tend to lose myself in too much detail, that was not entirely successful:

Inside the stadium there was a fair going on for all things outdoor, which was good since we actually were able to get in there for free. My second sketch was done sitting below the famous tent roof, looking at the Olympic Tower through the glass. This was a very quick pencil sketch, trying to capture the flowing lines of the roof.

February 27/28, 2010:

Our indoor location for the 26th Sketchcrawl was the Deutsches Museum, a treasure-trove of all things technical, old or new. Here are my drawings:

This is one of the first refraction telescopes, shown in the founders’ collection.

An aluminum girder for a Zeppelin, from the aircraft gallery.

The challenge of drawing something that’s supposed to be a sphere wasn’t entirely successful. This is an early planetary from the astronomy gallery.

And my last drawing on the actual crawl, a grammophone in the telecommunications gallery.

Since I ended up at the museum again the following day, here’s the one I did then:

This is a metal padlock. Why they’re hiding all those locks and keys in the machine elements gallery, which is otherwise all about the different types of things you’d find inside machines, like gears and bearings, I have no idea. I might go back there, though, lots of small and doable, but interesting things to sketch.

November 21, 2009:

The 25th Sketchcrawl led us into the relative warmth of the Völkerkundemuseum:

We started in the islamic section, where I found a pretty blue hexagonal tile:

a heavily ornamented wooden spoon:

Oceania had some very nice and colourful pottery:

A wooden model of a boat, also from Oceania:

One of my favourites of the day was in the North America section:

and my last one of the day:

September 19, 2009:

For the 24th Sketchcrawl, we went to the Botanical Garden, so lots of plants to see and draw.

Botanical Garden, in the AlpinumThose bold red berries were irresistible.

A Gunnera LeafOne leaf of a Gunnera plant.

Cacti inside the GreenhouseThe greenhouse was overwhelming. Here are a few cacti from the loads that were on display.

Different Leaf Forms and ColoursNot only the flowers are pretty, leaves come in loads of different forms and colours as well.

August 22 to 27, 2009:

Another visit to London. Not that many sketches, but every little bit gives me some much needed practice.

At the Lake in Regent's ParkAt a Lake in Regent’s Park

August 19 to 22, 2009:

Birmingham turned out to be quite a surprise. I really liked the city and even managed to do a few sketches:

Birmingham, Chinese Quarter Chinese Quarter

At the Birmingham CanalAt the Birmingham Canal

August 9, 2009:

St Johann Baptist viewed from Wiener Platz

August 8, 2009:

An all-day concert with lots of downtime for me in our beautiful old town hall gave me quite a bit of time to get some drawing in:

Window in old Town Hall

I especially like the decoration in there:

Decorations inside old Town Hall

August 1, 2009:

The first sketches in my new and shiny sketchbook! The paper is slightly rough and supposed to be able to withstand light watercolour washes, so I should be all set.

Sketchbook Page 1

I had very little time for this one, so I sketched the motif using the watersoluble oil pastels and fleshed it out using watercolours at home.

Sketchbook Page 2

On my way home I came upon those nice flowers at the center of a flowerbed in a park. Pencil and watersoluble oil pastels.

July 29, 2009:

Maximilianeum - Watercolour

The day was way too nice to stay stuck in the office, so I found myself a nice shady vantage point to try out to use my watercolours in the wild.

July 25, 2009:

Bobbin Lace Pillow - Watercolour

The weather was lousy, so I found a motif right here in my study.

July 24, 2009:

St. Gabriel - Watercolour

My first watercolour. The idea of transparent colours had not quite gotten through to my brain.


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  1. transparency in ur pictures is excellent.u can do lots…..good luck

  2. Glad I found your most inspirational blog. Thanks for sharing your talents!

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