SAL Update – Bee #2

April 11, 2021 at 7:59 am | Posted in Embroidery | 11 Comments
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The bee (or rather the background around the bee) continues to grow! I’ve worked on the pink flowers on the upper left side of the image, and am planning to work my way up to the upper left corner from here. Still enjoying all the colours, although I definitely prefer the oranges and reds to the pinks of the flowers.

Here’s last time’s progress:

Progress picture of cross-stitch image showing the head of a bee, some red-orange background and a couple of partially done pink flowers on the left.

And this is today’s progress:

In-progress shot of a counted cross-stitch project, featuring two big pink flowers on top of each other.

Patternkeeper tells me I’m sitting at 9.37% done right now, which sounds a lot and a little at the same time. Next time we’ll look at the owls again!

Here are the other members of the SAL who are posting today. Make sure to check out their work, it’s amazing: Avis, Claire, Gun, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Megan, Deborah, Renee, Carmela, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, AJ, Cathie, Linda and Helen.


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  1. looks like excellent progress to me!

  2. Gorgeous colours

  3. Those flowers are pretty! Great progress!

  4. You’re doing fantastic! Lovely colours 🙂

  5. That flower is beautiful ~ making great progress 🙂

  6. Oh very nice! Those are perfect colors for spring!

  7. It is so pretty and perfect for the Springtime! I am jealous you have patternkeeper. I wish they would do that for IOS!

  8. I love all the colors in your project! It´s making me happy!

  9. Wonderful progress! Love those pink flowers 🙂

  10. I always admire the vibrant colors in your work, and this is no different. Beautiful!

  11. Great progress. The colours in the flowers are gorgeous.

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