A Month of Postcards

December 13, 2020 at 1:05 pm | Posted in Patchwork | Leave a comment

2020 was finally getting to me, and November promised to be particularly fraught. I decided I had to do something constructive to replace some of the doomscrolling, and posted this on Twitter on the first of November:

I had started making cards earlier this year, first as samples for my Green Woman quilt, and later to make my yarnbombing project for CoNZealand mailable. This was an extension of that, trying to figure out what else I could do with the format, and generally making things. I kept at it, and ended up with 30 cards at the end of the month. Here they are in all their glory:

Thirty textile postcards laid out in a 6*5 grid

You can follow the link to the tweet to see the whole thread of cards, but in addition, here’s a gallery of all of them:

  • Two fabric postcards each with a swan on water. On the left, a needle-felted swan, on the right, an appliquéd one.
  • Textile postcard with five diagonal stripes on a dark blue background.
  • Two textile postcards with needle-felting on top of a striped background from hand-dyed fabric. Three spirals in white on the left and a stylized tree on the right.
  • Two fabric postcards with an olive green backgrounds and a single oak leaf on top - on the left needlefelted in red, orange and brown, on the right just outlines machine-quilted.
  • Two textile postcards showing dark trees against a brown and golden background.
  • Textile postcard with light blue fireworks in beads and sequins on a dark blue background.
  • Two textile cards showing an appliquéd tulip on top of a striped background intended to evoke tulip fields seen from the air.
  • Textile postcard made from strips in rainbow colours from red at the top through violet at the bottom.
  • Textile postcard in beige and black fabrics showing musical symbols, mostly in gold.
  • Pair of textile cards with a vertical strip of white fabric with tiny black cloverleaves on it. Rest of the card are horizontal stripes in mostly pastel solids, overlaid with big black appliquéd cloverleaves.
  • Textile postcard from a dark checkered fabric with a white abstract flower and leaves quilted on top.
  • Textile card with a green background. Vertical strip of green machine lace on the left, white tatted flower with added beads.
  • Two textile postcards with a blue background, overlaid with strips of lace. Focal point on the left card is a butterfly from machine-stitched lace, and the right a dimensional flower in Irish crochet lace.
  • Textile postcard consisting of small squares of colourful fabric randomly assembled.
  • Textile Postcard with a violet background with machine-couched yarns primarily in pinks/purples/violets on top forming an abstract skyscape.
  • Two textile postcards from a printed fabric sample with a dark blue/violet background. Left one has the letter "D" from the Dublin 2019 Logo as a star constellation, right one has two planets and a rocket.
  • Textile postcard with colourful diagonal stripes on a dark blue background.
  • Two textile postcards with a fall theme - print with leaves and cones and berries on a black background, narrow lace edging, quilted leaves on green background.
  • Two textile postcards with a rainbow gradient spanning both, the seams embroidered crazy-quilt style.
  • Textile postcard in greens and oranges with a stripe of autumn-themed printed fabric as focal point.

I really enjoyed making small finished pieces almost every day, and finishing things I started was definitely one of the habits I was trying to get into. A format this small also helps me to get past my perfectionism into a more playful state of mind. I had a rough list of ideas before I started, but I didn’t really get around to exploring all of them, but did multiples of others, which is perfectly fine.

I used my scrapbox as the primary source of fabrics to use, so this is also an overview of what my favourite themes and colours are, with snippets of fabrics of many past projects making an appearance. There’s a lot of nature-themed ones, and a rainbow or two – both things nobody who knows me is going to be surprised about. I also did get around to raiding my lace box, but I’m still not quite sure how to incorporate more lace into my quilts – it’s not because I don’t have enough.

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