SAL Update – Prism Owls #13

October 4, 2020 at 7:51 am | Posted in Embroidery | 15 Comments
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It’s been three weeks again! Just a tiny bit of progress this time, but I did finish all the black stitches inside the owl. Last time:

Counted Cross-stitch picture of a colourful owl in progress

And now:

Counted cross-stitch of a colourful owl in progress

The wings and the beak will be in the reddish tones of the feathers above the eyebrows, while the belly feathers will be in the same greens as the little piece at the top of the head. I’ll probably start in on the reds next.

Here are the other members of the SAL who are posting today. Make sure to check out their work, it’s amazing: Avis, Claire, Gun, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Megan, Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie and Cindy.


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  1. poor little chap, still waiting for his beak & feathers ^^

  2. I can see the outline of a beak appearing 🙂

  3. Enjoy stitching the colors. Sometimes you just have to war through the black.

  4. Well done on getting all the inside black done. Now you just have to colour him in, which is the fun part 🙂

  5. I like doing the stitches like you are and then filling in. Your owl is so cute!

  6. Well! In my opinion, the black color is more tiring to embroider. Now the colors !!
    Good work!
    Hugs, Carmela

  7. Making progress on this beautiful owl. A few days ago, I heard a dog barking and went to investigate in a wooded area of our backyard. And this huge owl came swooping down through the trees to investigate along with me 🙂 Love your owl 🙂

  8. Having the black done should make the rest of you stitching easier.

  9. Those black stitches make such a difference, your owl is really taking shape. Crafty hugs, Jenny xx

  10. Well done! Now for the fun part, which will make progress even more enjoyable 🙂

  11. Every little bit helps! He’s going to be fabulous.

  12. Such a cute piece! Enjoy the added color!

  13. The hard work done you should have fun from now on. I look forward to seeing him “come alive”

  14. Well done, I’m looking forward to seeing colours grow on that little one.

  15. I should imagine the black background is very tiring on the eyes to stitch. Great job so far!

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