Green Woman #2 – A Plan for the Background

December 20, 2019 at 8:24 pm | Posted in Fiber Art, Patchwork | 3 Comments

Last time around I showed you what exactly it is I’m tackling with this project, and now there actually are some first steps! It’s all black ink on paper though, no fabric involved yet.

Green Woman - drafting the background

So, here’s an A3 copy of the black and white drawing, overlaid with drafting paper. For the background, I’m obviously ignoring the white foreground, pretending it isn’t there. I’m also ignoring all the detail that weaves in and out of the rest – the vines and thorns, the leaves and flowers, and the tight spirals of her hair. What I’m trying to do is to figure out what makes sense to be one piece of fabric – similar colour, similar structure etc. The colour printout helps with this. Here’s the result of my first try, with quite a few false starts included:

Green Woman - Background, first draft

A second version is in order, and already looks much better. Here’s both of them next to each other, so you can see the comparison:

GreenWoman - first and second draft of background

Next, finding the right fabric. I pulled all the greens I can see me using out to get an idea of what I have:

Green Woman - fabrics in all shades of green!

My original thought was to do the hair by couching lots of yarn on top of the sewn background. Looking at those lovely fabrics, I want to try to go a bit more abstract. For the moment, the only fabrics I have firmly selected are the solids for the face. Since whatever I do for the hair needs to work with the face, I’ve decided to sew the face first before making any other decision. But that’s an adventure for the next post.



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  1. I’m following your progress with interest. I have a much larger and more detailed appliqué project in mind to be started soon, and I’m hoping you’ll eliminate some dead ends for me in advance!

  2. Absolutely like your fabric choices. Can’t wait to see the progress!

  3. […] Last time I decided to sew the face first, because the colours there will definitely influence whatever I’m doing for the hair. So, here’s what I did: […]

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