Inktober 2019

November 3, 2019 at 7:31 pm | Posted in Drawing | 2 Comments

I’ve been keeping in touch with a few of the artists I met at the Dublin 2019 Worldcon via Facebook and my newly created Twitter account. At the beginning of October they started talking about and posting drawings tagged with something called Inktober. I got curious, read up on things and spontaneously decided to play as well.

It’s not as if there’s a dearth of art supplies around here, so I dug around for an empty enough sketchbook and my ink pens. What I found was an half-full sketchbook where I’d worked on designs from a zentangle book for textile artists. Not wanting to commit to anything complicated, I decided to keep to the zentangle-sized 9*9 cm squares and to fill one of those for every day of October. Since I can waste huge amounts of time to come up with the “right” idea and was sure that would derail me sooner or later, I also decided to use the official prompts from the website linked above. I continue to find that my creativity works best when I don’t let it roam completely free, but give it some constraints to hang on to. I must have made the right choice, since I made it all the way through the month, doing a small ink drawing for every day:

The prompt is in the captions, and you can click on the images for larger versions. And, so you can see how my sketchbook looks like, here’s my favourite page spread:

Inktober 2019 - Page spread

This is also now a very full sketchbook, I had to squeeze the last sketch into the absolutely last square available. Yay!

Still noodling over what I’m going to take away from this. Left to my own devices, I’ll probably get back to drawing for the next vacation diary sometime next summer. This is something that needs consistent practice, and I’m not quite sure how to go about achieving that. I’ll probably never draw for drawings sake, but I’d sure love to be able to confidently get ideas from brain to paper, where they can be examined and evaluated for committing art (usually using fabric and thread). Leaving this here for the moment as food for thought.


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  1. I enjoyed this post very much. I clicked through each picture and enjoyed your drawings very much. What a wonderful sketchbook you have. Have you thought of creating a colouring book, or is that a terrible thing to suggest to an artist. đŸ™‚ Meanwhile, love that vibrant colourwheel and the iguana progress.

  2. […] last year’s experiment with Inktober I promptly stopped drawing again. I still want to get better at drawing, though, so as a New […]

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