A Scrappy Colour Wheel

October 27, 2019 at 7:57 pm | Posted in Patchwork, Quilting | 4 Comments

In an attempt to make some space in my scrap box, I started to make 1-inch hexagons and rhombs a while ago. After I finished going through the box, I was unsurprisingly in possession of a rainbows worth of hexies. So, I started playing with possible arrangements for them. Hm, how about making a colour wheel? This is what I came up with:

Colour Wheel

I tried to go from lighter hues in the middle to darker ones outside, but since I was working with whatever I had available in my scrapbox, it’s far from perfect in colour distribution. I do like the overall effect, though. There are quite a few memories to projects past in there, as well. This is the last project that I’ll be showing in our yearly quilt show in a couple of weeks, and everything is finished and prepared. Off to new adventures, more on which soon!


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  1. oh wow! so effective and what a great use of scraps!

  2. That’s a very cool scrap idea, and so useful for educational purposes too. I could see that decorating an art teacher’s classroom, or a sewing room. What a unique quilt!

  3. Oh! I really like this quilt! So colorful and cherry.

  4. […] The quilt on the upper right is very beautiful, but not by me, but by a fellow group member. It does fit well though, since it was made for the same exhibition as mine on the lower left. The one on the upper left is the one I wanted to make for said exhibition, but didn’t quite pull off at the time. And the one on the lower right is my scrappy colour wheel. […]

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