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October 6, 2019 at 8:49 am | Posted in Patchwork, Quilting | 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, I showed you my colourful find while cleaning up the craft room. A few days later, I did indeed have a finished quilt, as promised:

Fraunhofer Lines - quilted

I used simple horizontal lines for quilting, reminding me of early pictures of solar spectra that often have lots of thin grainy lines. At that point, the quilt had a tunnel and a label, and was technically finished. But while this treatment was intentionally much simpler than what I had initially planned, I felt something was missing.

So out came the beads and sequins, and during the last couple of weeks, I added them, and am much happier with the result now:

Fraunhofer Lines - beaded

Here’s a detail:

Fraunhofer Lines - detail

The beads remind me of the sparkling you get when sunlight is broken up by a prism or crystal. I also think it makes the asymmetric layout of the quilt work better than before.


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  1. I like that a bunch. The sequins elevate it.

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. This is truly beautiful! The added beads and sequins really make it stand out.

  4. […] since it was made for the same exhibition as mine on the lower left. The one on the upper left is the one I wanted to make for said exhibition, but didn’t quite pull off at the time. And the one on the lower right is my scrappy colour […]

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