Another Scarf from Victorian Lace Today

February 17, 2018 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Knitting, Lace | 6 Comments

A few days ago, I finally finished another project from Victorian Lace Today, which is a fabulous knitting book I have owned for quite a few years now. The link goes to my review which I wrote shortly after aquiring the book.

This scarf has been a long time travel project, since it provided a lot of knitting hours in a very small package. But the result is magnificent!

Scarf from Victorian Lace Today

Here you can see a bit less than half the length of the scarf draped over my reading chair. The reason I was originally interested in this scarf is its construction: You first work the wide border on the left lengthwise, then pick up stitches along the whole border to knit the middle bit sideways, and finally knit the right border lengthwise again while using up the stitches of the middle. Fun, and except for the middle bit, you work with relatively few stitches at a time.

Here’s a closeup of one end:

Scarf from Victorian Lace Today - Detail

The yarn is a lovely hand-dyed lace yarn consisting of silk and camel, which was great to work with. Now, I guess I need to find a new travel project!


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  1. It’s a beautiful design and I love the colour too. Well done on a gorgeous finish 🙂

  2. the colour is lovely and warm, and the lace design is so delicate – beautiful!

  3. Since I don’t knit, everything from “…construction:…” onwards was Greek to me, but I just goggled at it in awe. It’s magnificent!

  4. Gorgeous work.

  5. Such a beautiful piece, and a very interesting construction. I bet it feels amazing against your neck!

  6. Beautiful and utilitarian!

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