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March 19, 2017 at 8:05 pm | Posted in Patchwork | 3 Comments

Reading about Kate’s efforts at scrap management, I got inspired to have a look at my own, much smaller scrap collection. Being somewhat in need of a new handwork-in-front-of-TV project, I decided to see how many 1-inch-hexies I could create out of the contents. Turns out not as many as I thought. Here’s the box after emptying out, with everything that wasn’t going to become hexies lying around it:

empty scrapbox

On the left side, there’s a small pile of solids that doesn’t belong in there, since I do have another scrap bag just for solids. On top, a few pieces that are pretty much big and coherent enough to count as fabric, even though they live in the scrap box. And that big pile on the right, pretty much everything that’s too small to cut a 1-inch-hexie out of it. Also some non-patchwork fabrics, and some black and white stuff that I didn’t want to include in the rainbow of hexies I was planning.

Looks like it’s still going to fill the box, and it did. The pieces I did pull out became this:

scrap hexies

Hexies in all the colours of the rainbow. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them yet. The plan is to make more, keep them sorted by colour and maybe use them for some colour exploration or smallish projects. Since a hexie turns out to be pretty big for most of my scraps, I may also continue cutting rhombs for baby blocks out of the fabric left over. Lots of geometric forms to play with!

If you want to create your own EPP templates for hexies, baby blocks, triangles and more, I recommend the graph paper generator that I also link from my sidebar, so I can find the link whenever I need it. Very useful tool!

Progress on this may slow down now that winter sports TV season is pretty much over, but that also means that spring is on the way and it’s time to find inspiration outside.




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  1. A 1 inch hexie needs a surprisingly large piece of fabric, doesn’t it? I got rid of a lot of my scraps when I was working on the Grey Nomad postage stamp quilt, but I reckon I could make it all over again a couple of times with what’s left! I’ve discovered I have about twice as much blue fabric as anything else, less red than I thought and more yellow. The only colour that didn’t surprise me is teal!
    Your hexies remind me of a project I’ve been calling my WInter Quilt in my head for about three years now: EPP hexies, hand stitched, and with wool batting for a little extra warmth – even in Queensland it does sometimes get cool at night! One day I must get round to starting it…

  2. Great way to use up the scraps! I love scrap quilts and it’s nice to have something to sew in front of the TV.

  3. […] an attempt to make some space in my scrap box, I started to make 1-inch hexagons and rhombs a while ago. After I finished going through the box, I was unsurprisingly in possession […]

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