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August 27, 2016 at 8:01 am | Posted in Lace | 6 Comments
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Remember the Afghan Embroideries I was so excited about a few months back? I’ve been sorting out ideas for what to do with them for a while, and have already finished a part. The challenge I want to submit the hopefully resulting quilt to is to create a “tablecloth” using at least three of the embroidered motifs.

My mind immediately jumped to the classic white damask tablecloths my mom still has and uses occasionally. They’re white, and if they’re very fancy, decorated with whitework embroidery of some kind. So I wanted to contrast the colourful embroidered triangles with different kinds of whitework motifs, mirroring the embroidery with something similar but different.

Here’s one possible layout I came up with, having paper copies as stand-in for the whitework, and my white table surface pretending to be a white damask tablecloth:

Afghan Tablecloth - Possible LayoutBy now, I’ve finished the first motif. I made it in needlepoint lace, an old favourite of mine. You can find a tutorial how to make this kind of lace right here on my blog.

Here’s the finished lace motif:

Afghan Tablecloth - Needlelace Motif

I want to keep the sense of playfulness that I get from the embroidered motifs, which I’m finding quite difficult. The needlelace may have given me more freedom than other techniques I’m currently tackling.

And here’s the needlelace again together with its inspiration:

Afghan Embroidery and Needlelace Motifs

I’m currently trying to figure out what exactly to do with the other motifs, which isn’t easy, and since there’s a deadline involved, I’m trying to make progress.



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  1. Lovely and expert Afghan pieces. Good luck ‘matching ‘your other pieces with new work. I wonder if you might consider ‘cut’ work (reverse applique) which you see so rarely in the West but with which you can get rich effects which might complement the Afghan pieces.

    Thanks also for sharing techniques!

  2. That is beautiful.

  3. My that needlelace is very good and I like the inspiration too.

  4. Oh wow, that needlelace piece is beautiful!

  5. This is such a unique project. The needle lace is stunning, and a fascinating contrast to the full color version. I can’t wait tot see how this develops.

  6. These triangles have so much strength and excitement. They really zing. The delicacy of the lace work makes an interesting contrast.

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