The Rosebud Box – SAL Update

May 1, 2016 at 9:31 am | Posted in Embroidery | 7 Comments

Not a whole lot to show this time, I fear. Last time I was here:


About 5 minutes after I published the post, I realized that I hadn’t in fact finished the narrow border for the lid – half the metallic embroidery was missing! I added this and promptly was out of motivation to continue for a couple of weeks. I finally got around to at least make a start on the wider border for the box itself and stitched the background for the first of four flower motifs:


I’ll be busy for the next weeks, but there’s some travel involved, and due to its tiny size, this project does travel well, so I hope for some more progress.

Here are the other members of the SAL who are posting today. Make sure to check out their work, it’s amazing: Avis, Claire, Gun, Carole, Wendy, Lucy, Cathy, Jess, Sue, Kate

If you would like to join in please contact Avis, who will give you full details.




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  1. any progress is progress ^^

  2. Sometimes tiny is good, and tiny progress on a tiny project is OK… It’s going to be a lovely little box.

  3. There’s definitely progress which is always better than none 🙂

  4. I’m enjoying watching this one grow so any progress is good. Without the SAL it would still be stuck in a drawer 🙂

  5. The progress I made on my little needlepoint canvas this time around was mostly due to time in the car. Otherwise there might not have been any progress at all! Here’s to smooth travels.:-)

  6. All progress is progress. Good luck

  7. As long as you are sewing…….! You can´t be on top every day 🙂

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