Flanders Lace – another Finish

April 23, 2016 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Lace | 6 Comments

With the weather not being very cooperative right now, I got the chance to finish another project carried over from last year today.

The strip of Flanders lace I started after my vacation to Belgium last year is 110 cm long:

Flanders Lace - Finished

Here’s a closeup, so you can see the details in this delicate lace:

Flanders Lace - Bean Pattern, Detail

The little “beans” are surrounded by a thicker thread, which is one of the characteristic traits of this kind of lace, together with the background patterning. I enjoyed making this very much and am already playing with the thought of making another strip in this technique, with a different pattern.



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  1. so delicate!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. It’s beautiful. Is it bobbin lace or a form of needlelace?

    • This is bobbin lace. In needlelace, something this size would take a lifetime and then some.

  4. Wow, lovely work. Do you have plans for the end product? (Will there be an end?)

    • Not at the moment, it’s joined all the other lovely pieces of lace in my stash. I’ll find a use for it one of those days, I’m sure, but for the moment it was just made for learning and practice.

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