Twenty Times Lace – the Details Part 1

May 23, 2015 at 4:08 pm | Posted in Lace | 3 Comments

As promised, I want to talk a bit more about the different laces in my 2015 challenge piece. Here’s the numbered detail picture of the left side again for reference:

20 Times Lace left side

  1. This is the lace we got for the challenge, which we had to include in our piece. It is a fairly wide, scalloped machine-made lace.
  2. I already wrote about this piece of Irish Crochet Lace, made by me.
  3. I made this bobbin-lace edging many years ago, and it has been sitting in my little lace collection since then. I think it is put to good use here.
  4. This is technically embroidery, but it is worked very similar to needlelace, just on a fabric foundation instead of completely free. I also wanted to include the literal number 20 to commemorate our anniversary, and this was the best way I could come up with to do so.
  5. A small tatting motif from a German tatting book I had from the library, so sorry for the missing reference, since I forgot to write it down.
  6. A similar motif from the same book.
  7. This actually wasn’t a butterfly when I started with it. The wings of the butterfly are cut out from a bigger piece consisting of lots of those motifs connected by bits of openwork. I got it together with a whole pile of other laces from my mom, and this was the fabric sample for her wedding dress. According to her it is Plauener Spitze, which also fits this kind of lace. I embroidered the body of the butterfly over the lace pieces.
  8. Reticella is one of the oldest needle-lace styles. I designed this heart myself based on historical examples. Here’s the original blog post about this one.
  9. A relatively coarse machine-made bobbin lace.
  10. I made this strip of bobbin lace to practice the little leaf shapes that make up the flowers in the center of the band. They are quite tricky to get right tension-wise.

I’ll get around to the second half of the quilt next time, and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions around this batch.



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  1. Beautiful!

  2. […] of things back when machine lace wasn’t invented. I’ve used some of those strips in my lace quilt (there’s one at number 10 in this post), and there was another one on the pillow, which I […]

  3. Beautiful work!

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