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February 16, 2014 at 11:33 am | Posted in Patchwork | 3 Comments

So, there’s the Olympics going on in Sochi at the moment, which is one of the few occasions where I will spend an extraordinary amount of time in front of the TV. And since I’m incapable of holding my hands still, the long-running hand-sewing project I posted about a few weeks ago is making more progress than expected. Getting some traction there was my official plan for the Olympics, so I did some preparation beforehand:

I finished up the sample I made so many years ago:

Finished Sample

I appliquèd the pattern pieces to the original background fabric I will use on the big piece. I was unsure if that would be successful because of the pointy edges, but it went surprisingly well. I also tried out the yarn I found for quilting. I’m using the old couching trick again, with a black cotton knitting yarn that has some added sparkle. The effect is nice and subtle.

Then, at the last weekend at the studio with my quilt group, I tried to finalize the arrangement of the pattern:

Crumbling Beauty - Layout

When I got home, I plunked down in front of the TV and got to work. To my big surprise, I just took the last stitches on assembling all the pieces, with the Olympics only half over! Things do sometimes go faster than expected, although the usual case tends to be the other way round.

So, the next step will be to appliquè the big piece onto the background. I’m thinking to remove at least part of the paper in the middle of the piece first, in order to see how it really shakes out and to avoid puckers. Question to the experts: good idea, or bad one?



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  1. When I do this, I take out all of the paper templates after ironing so the edges are staying crisp for appliqué. The batiks you used should behave well anyway. 🙂

    • Thank you, sounds like a plan! I did leave the paper inside for appliquéing the sample, and I appreciated the extra stability from the paper there. So I’m tempted to leave the paper in at least at the edges.

  2. […] be interesting to others as well. So for once, I remembered to take a few pictures of the process. Here’s how the quilt looked like the last time I posted about […]

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