2014 Challenge – the Patchwork

January 26, 2014 at 7:23 pm | Posted in Patchwork, Quilting | 5 Comments

So, looking at the strong graphical patterns of the fabric, I though it would work out well to use a magnified section of the pattern as a patchwork block. Some drawing and fiddling later, I had this:

Test Block for 2014 challenge

Since I liked what I saw, I started making the other eight blocks needed part by part. Starting with the easy things, the quarter-sqared triangles:

2014 Challenge - Quarter Squared Triangles

Followed by the squares made from irregular triangles:

2014 Challenge - Triangles

You can already see that I had to be pretty economic in my use of the black and white fabric, since there was so little of it, but I managed somehow.

The half circles:

2014 Challenge - Half Circles

And from that, the completed half blocks:

2014 Challenge - Half Blocks

Combined with the smaller squares from above, I got eight blocks:

2014 Challenge - Blocks

Adding the test block back in makes 9 blocks, which can be arranged into a 3*3 pattern:

2014 Challenge - Center

Looks pretty dramatic and captures the fabric well, I think. Since this ended up being a bit smaller than the required 40*40 cm, I added a narrow white border:

2014 Challenge - Top

It’s now a bit too big, so some of the border will be cut off once it’s quilted. We’ll look at that next week I think, this post does have enough pictures already!



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  1. This is awesome!
    Personally, I would probably have been afraid to cut the original fabric up too much because I loved it the way it was, but what you did with it makes it look even more stunning!
    It would be interesting to see what everyone else in your group makes with it.

    • Yeah, that’s always the most interesting part! I’ll try to get pictures of all the pieces together when we show them in November!

  2. This is great! A wonderful puzzle to look at!

  3. I must come again: I love your needlepoint lace and your gallery is fantastic. And you tell that you are not talented to draw. Just opposite. You are very talented. Long ago I was interested in your needle lace tutorial, the leaf, I even hoarded it in my to do things.- I am still interested and certainly will follow one day this tutorial. I love your work.

  4. […] last week left us with a finished top. Next step: quilting. As I wanted to replicate the strong graphical […]

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