Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012: Week 14 – Satin Stitch

April 7, 2012 at 5:50 pm | Posted in Embroidery | 2 Comments

Week 13 was designated as a catch-up week, and I was glad to take a short break and advance a few other projects instead. Blog posts to follow. Week 14 deals with something familiar again, Satin Stitch. This versatile stitch can be worked on both countable and non-countable fabric, so of course I did a bit of both. First the countable sample:

I started on the left trying to figure out how many strands of yarn I’d need to cover the fabric. The upper square with vertical and horizontal stitches is worked with three strands of embroidery cotton. For the diagonals on the lower square, that turned out to be a little bit too much, so I dropped to two strands for the red part, which looks good. With that sorted out, I started to think of a small motif to stitch, and ended up with a classic quilt block on my sketchpad:

I drew in the stitch directions with coloured pencils, and as you can see, I ended up working the background with vertical stitches only as opposed to the wild mixture on the sketch. The star is pretty small, about 2 cm square.

Of course I also needed an addition for my green band sampler, so I stitched another small piece:

To continue with my self-imposed challenge of stitching with other thread than just embroidery cotton, this is worked in crewel wool again. I outlined the areas with split stitches to have a defined line to stitch on, and then added the satin stitch. The outer area posed a few challenges since it is split in the middle and it turned out to be not that easy to keep the stitch direction synchronized between the two parts. But all in all, I like the effect of satin stitch worked with wool thread.



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  1. We are having fun with these stitches! Like that you are using threads other than the usual floss or pearl cotton.

  2. I love your little quilty star!

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