Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012: Week 4 – Cretan Stitch

January 28, 2012 at 3:57 pm | Posted in Embroidery | 5 Comments

Take a Stitch Tuesday is already in its fourth week, and this week’s challenge was Cretan Stitch. While I’m pretty sure I’ve used it before, this is a stitch I’m not that familiar with. I also didn’t have that many ideas of what to do with it, but was ready to give it a try nevertheless, since trying is the whole point of this challenge.

As I did during the previous weeks, I started with the basic open and closed versions of the stitch. As you can see, the closed version would have worked much better with a wider stitch, with my narrow line I struggled to get the stitches close enough together. I next drew a simple leaf form on the fabric and filled it with Cretan stitch. I like the effect of getting a rib in the middle at the same time as filling the leaf in. Next I tried to use the closed form of the stitch to create overlapping forms. While those circles are far from perfect, I think the idea has potential. And lastly I used the open stitch to couch down a bit of silk ribbon.


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  1. You have created a very nice sampler. Congratulations. Kathy

  2. very nice sampler.

  3. your sampler is beautiful!!

  4. The background fabric color makes your work shine even more! Lovely! The leaf is perfect. And I love the “Japanese Lanterns.”

  5. Thanks everybody for your kind comments. I’m having fun with this project!

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