Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012: Week 3 – Feather Stitch

January 22, 2012 at 12:00 pm | Posted in Embroidery | 3 Comments

The third week’s challenge was Feather Stitch, another fun one to experiment with. I took a more orderly approach this time, working my stitches in neat rows:

The rows were worked from the left to the right. First up: doing the stitch in its simplest form as shown in the stitch dictionary. I then started to vary the different parameters of the stitching, while still doing a regular feather stitch alternating one stitch to the left and one to the right. Second line I made the stitches as shallow as possible. In the third line, the middle stitches holding down the previous stich are arranged in a vertical line. The fourth one is done the other way round, with the verticals on the outside. This is the variant known as closed feather stitch. At this point I didn’t know what else to do, so got out a piece of paper and started doodling:

I first recreated the ones I had already stitched and then started to try to figure out what else I could change while still doing feather stitch. I tried to rotate the “cups” outwards (line 5) and inwards (lines 7 and 8) but was unconvinced of the effect. Line 6 is a very narrow stitch that could be useful in some projects. Lines 9 and 10 make the height of the two legs of the stitch different: in line 9, the outer line is much shorter than the inner one, making the stitch spaced out very much, and in line 10, it’s the other way round, making for a pretty dense stitch. It’s those two I choose to try out on the sampler as well, and I’m happy with the result. The doodle in the second line plays with yet another idea: leaving the vertical lines delimiting the stich straight, but vary the position of the middle lines. I haven’t tried to work this, and it would probably need drawing the intended lines on the fabric first, but I can imagine some nice effects using this.


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  1. Great idea to doodle more “possibilities” on paper – I find I run out of stitching time.. the doodling on paper would be quicker at least, if pressed for time. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I like your possibility doodles.

  3. Lovely experi ments. with this stitch. I love the doodles.

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