Take a Stitch Tuesday 2012: Week 1 – Fly Stitch

January 8, 2012 at 10:49 am | Posted in Embroidery | 1 Comment

Sharon B over at Pin Tangle is running Take a Stitch Tuesday again this year! I found out about it just in time and have decided to give it a go. Embroidery has been pretty much on the backburner for the last couple of years, and I’d like to get back into it. So trying out and practicing a new stitch sounds like just the recipe needed! To set the expectations to myself deliberately low so I’ll have a chance not to fall off the bandwagon, I decided to spend just one hour every week to practice the stitch proposed in the challenge. If I feel like spending more time  on something, fine, but if I get that one hour in, I’m happy.

So, I grabbed a piece of green linen I’ve had lying around for a few years, set a long strip of it up in the smaller one of my Millenium frames (picture with other project mounted in this post), and got to work.

The challenge for this week is Fly Stitch. Here’s the result of an hour’s worth of doodling:

In the upper row I just tried out the mechanics of the stitch. In the second row I tried how the stitch looks in different sizes. The pink thread as well as the green used later is three strands of embroidery cotton. I worked the green stalks next. In the left one the stitches are so close together that they almost competely cover the background. This could be useful in some situations. I deliberately left a bit more space in the right stalk. Using a rosé/yellow variegated No. 8 perle cotton, I then tried to stitch some flowers. The round one reminds me of a dandelion clock. With multiple layers and long tying stitches I could easily imagine stitching a dandelion clock completely in fly stitch. I tried a bit of stitching fly stitches in multiple layers in the yellow flower to the right. This would also work well for tree foliage or shrubbery in a landscape embroidery. Last, I tried a little geometric pattern in the pink thread again. The fly stitches here are mostly assymetric, with the tie stitch starting directly below the start of the loop instead of the middle between the two endpoints.

All in all, I spent a fun hour doing something I usually don’t make the time for. I’m already waiting for next week’s stitch!


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  1. Well done! KAthy

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