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I just realized I hadn’t even photographed this year’s challenge quilt for my quilt group, much less blogged about it. So now is a good time to catch up, lest you think I didn’t get anything crafty done all year! The challenge fabric I received in December last year was a bright yellow-orange batik with small stripes on it. My thoughts almost immediately turned to flowers, and since I just had a few photographs around I had used for my watercolour course, an idea wasn’t far off. I was going to try to turn this photograph into a 40×40 cm quilt:

So I went ahead and turned this into a piecing pattern à la Ruth B. McDowell. This is a copy of the paper pattern traced from the photograph, coloured in for easier reference when assembling the quilt.

You can see that I extended the piecing lines of the flowers into the background in order to prevent too many awkward seams. One thing I didn’t do is to make sure I have one line go through the entire pattern, making it possible to sew two halves of the quilt and then close one central seam last. If I was making this pattern again, that’s definitely something I would adjust, since it would be quite easy to line up the seam that goes straight through the big flower with the seam that attaches the right part of the bud. I’ve added a blue line to the drawing to show the minimal change that would be needed to make life that much easier for piecing:

But well, since I am stubborn and realized my mistake too late, I went ahead and made up my quilt using the original drawing enlarged to the right size and transferred to freezer paper.

The challenge fabric is the one I used for the big flower. I didn’t have enough of it to use it for all the flowers, so I was forced to use a different fabric for the buds. Turns out that was a good thing, so I have some contrast in the colour of the flowers! I also challenged myself to make this quilt using only fabrics from my stash that currently threatens to spill out of its hiding place, and ended up with a very busy background. Seems I have a love for busy and colourful fabric, since I didn’t have anything a bit more subdued in my collection. I have since then made a conscious effort to add a few lighter and neutral fabrics suitable for backgrounds and the like to my stash, since I’m sure that won’t be the last nature-inspired quilt I have made.



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  1. Love it! reminds me of the greenhouses at botanischer Garten.

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