A Postcard from Holland

September 18, 2011 at 2:19 pm | Posted in Patchwork | Leave a comment

Taking part in an international postcard exchange I received this pretty card from Holland:

The colours drew me in immediately, and one of the small pictures was begging me to make a quilt out of it. So how could I resist? Since those images are tiny, the first thing I did is get out my paints (water-soluble wax pastels actually) and made a bigger version to work out the colours and their placement:

The paper I used is A3 size, and I figured I could just double all the dimensions to get a nice wallhanging about A1 size. Sewing this up was quite a novelty for me. I didn’t do any detailed planning and tried to not use any rulers when cutting the fabric. I just sewed the big striped panels depicting the tulip fields with a tentative plan to join them later. Which I did, in a completely different way than I first imagined. Because I didn’t measure anything exactly, things didn’t fit perfectly on the first try, but after a bit of resewing things worked out. I inserted the dark fabric for the roads by first cutting the striped panel into the right form, then copying that form onto the dark fabric together with some marks for correct fitting. Of course I forgot to take pictures of the process, but here is one where the last corner is still missing:

I didn’t even sew a panel for that last corner, I just continued to add stripes until it was no longer missing. Here’s the finished top, already layered for quilting, viewed from the right direction:

I’m currently in the process of quilting it very simply: Linear lines in the striped panels to reinforce the look of fields seen from above. I’ll report back when it’s all done!

As a preliminary resumè, I did like the free cutting and sewing approach without a detailed plan. I think there will be a repeat performance of that kind of quiltmaking when the right idea comes along. One major source of inspiration for attempting this kind of thing comes from Melody over at Fibermania. I’ve had this blog in my sidebar for quite a while now and love seeing her make her quilts.


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