It’s Spring Time!

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Spring’s finally breaking out all over the place, and the fresh flowers peeking out everywhere have inspired me. My mom’s going to celebrate her 70th birthday in May, and I decided to make a new set of textiles for the benches and chairs on the garden terrace. A simple tablecloth and cushions for utility, topped with a set of pillow covers depicting various spring flowers. The basic idea is to inscribe a diagonal square inside of a 40*40 cm pillow cover and use this center block to create the various flowers. The corner triangles are made from a simple checkered fabric in spring colours and will be the same for all the pillows.

The first pillow cover shows snowdrops, and I designed it for machine sewing using the techniques from Ruth B. McDowell’s Piecing. The blocks being only about 30*30 cm big, this proved to be a not so good idea. While I was able to sew the pattern, some of the pieces are way too small and some of the curves too narrow to comfortably sew them by machine. You can see this in the pattern and the resulting mess of tiny freezer paper templates:

After quite a bit of swearing, I still managed to sew the pattern up, and I’m happy with the results:

After that experience, I decided to change techiques and use applique for the center block. Next up were daffodils. I used the same three fabrics as before to machine-sew the background, and then appliquéd the flowers. While hand-appliqué is even more time-consuming than trying to machine sew those blocks, I think it’s worth the effort:

Still to come: crocusses and tulips. Watch this space!

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