Cabled Cardigan—Finished!

August 28, 2010 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Knitting | Leave a comment

I’ve been working on my cabled cardigan for quite a while, and have finally managed to finish it, and I’m very happy with the result:

The pattern is worked from side to side, starting at the end of one arm and ending at the end of the other one. I lengthened the pattern quite a bit from the original pattern in Sabrina Magazine 08/2009, since I didn’t want the cardigan to end in the exact place where I don’t need any extra volume. Other than that, it is basically worked after the pattern. Of course I also used a different yarn with a different gauge, so I had to completely recalculate the pattern.

The challenge with this kind of construction is to get the pattern to be symmetric at the right and left sides. I had to calculate exactly how many rows I’d need to knit just to know where in the 24-row pattern repeat I needed to start if I wanted to end up right in the middle of a repeat in the middle of the back. But luckily I’m one of those knitters who doesn’t mind that kind of challenge. I have many more problems with just starting to knit and figuring out the details somewhere along the way. Here’s the back view of  the cardigan:

I’m very happy with the result! Knitting the whole thing in one piece has its advantages and disadvantages. There’s less fiddly sewing involved, which I like, but at the end I was handling quite a heavy piece of work that I had to turn around at the end of every row.

The yarn I used is Toscano from ggh, which is a ribbon yarn. I really enjoyed knitting with this, the only problem I found were a few too many knots for my taste, leading to having to hide way too many ends.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this cardigan, and I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy wearing it just as much in the Fall.

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