The Tale of the Little Red Box—Continued

November 28, 2009 at 5:42 pm | Posted in Patchwork, quilt | 1 Comment

The first part of the tale.

After a long, long sleep, the little box finally got woken up. Her new dress was finished at last! She just couldn’t wait any longer to try it on. So within a single evening, the dress got fitted, and there was a very happy little box admiring herself in every mirror she could find. Not only that, but of course she needed to show off for the camera!

First from one side:

Then from the other side:

With the lid off to show the inside:

And even upside down to show off her pretty feet:

When she had finished admiring herself and dancing in front of the camera, she suddenly got very quiet. “What’s going to happen now? I don’t want to go back to sleeping all the time!” Her maker comforted her: “Don’t worry, you’ll be a Christmas present for a little girl that I’m sure will like you, and be proud to keep her little treasures inside you!” The little box was very glad to hear that she was going to have company soon, and maybe some secrets to guard. So she happily went back to sleep with the promise to be woken up on Christmas Eve and being able to show off her sparkling dress under the tree.

The End.

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  1. Oh, it is just gorgeous!! Such a bright and vibrant creation, and so so beautifully made.
    Little details I’ve noticed, which I really like…
    I love that you ahve repeated things like the ric-rac braid in a couple of places – it adds continuity doesn’t it? Makes it all “belong” together.
    I love the texture with the beads.
    I love that you have used some patterned fabric which breaks up the solids.
    The feet turned out really well!
    Lucky little girl on Christmas morning.

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