Making a Bag (or lots of them)

August 29, 2009 at 6:34 pm | Posted in General | 1 Comment

Sorry for being so quiet, I’ve been busy and just returned from this year’s trip to the UK, in what seems to become an annual event for me. I’m pretty sure I’ll go next year, too, but that’s for another post.

My first stop this year was in Birmingham, for two days of fun at the Festival of Quilts. And yes, it’s big enough that you really need two days if you want to see everything at leisure. I enjoyed the exhibitions and the shopping, and we’ll get to pics of the shopping later, but what intrigued me right away was a stall that didn’t have anything to sell, just things to give away.

morsbags sociable guerilla bagging is an initiative to recycle fabric that isn’t used anymore into shopping bags and give them away to in front of supermarkets so people don’t have to get plastic bags that will just further clog up the environment. The idea is to get together with friends to make loads of bags and have fun while doing it, and then give them away. They had set a table with a few sewing machines at the festival and invited people to choose some of the recycled fabric they had there and make their own bag. So of course I had to play! Here’s the result:


The fabric is a nice heavy upholstery fabric, making a really sturdy shopping bag which I’ll definitely use. The intent of this initiative has some parallels to the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef stuff I saw last year in London, but with a rather more practical bent to it.

Every plastic bag that isn’t needed is a good thing, but eliminating them isn’t easy at all. I’ve been trying to acquire as few of them as possible for quite a few years now, and it is difficult. There are so many shops that’ll pack your stuff into a plastic bag before you can stop them, and in some cases (say, clothing) they are practical to keep your new clothes (or wool, or yarn, or fabric) from becoming soiled while carrying them home. There are no easy solutions out there, but I still think every little bit helps, and I wouldn’t mind getting together with friends, make a few more of those bags and give them away.


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  1. What a great idea! Great bag, too.

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