Cabled Square Challenge

May 4, 2009 at 7:42 pm | Posted in Knitting | Leave a comment

There’s been a challenge to design a 30*30 cm square for a knitted blanket on Ravelry: Verzopft & Zugedeckt. The deadline was April 30, and even if you’re not on Ravelry, you can admire the results here. The requirement to participate was to design a 30*30 cm square that includes some cabling somewhere. Being in love with cables right now, of course I had to play. Can’t be that difficult, right? Sure, only if you insist on making your life more difficult than necessary.

Since the start in February, I’ve been playing around with lots of different possibilities to knit a square. I was trying to get a complicated construction to work, and nothing worked in practice as well as on a piece of paper. So I frogged my sample square, more than once. Not getting anything to work, I gave up and forgot about it for a time, being more than busy elsewhere in the meantime. But the challenge kept nagging me. I didn’t want to give up so easily, and a week before the deadline I finally remembered what I usually forget when I try to design something: that there’s nothing lost by keeping it simple. Designing is as much about leaving out the superfluous as it is about putting features in. So, over the weekend, I finally got to work on a much simpler pattern than all my previous ideas and came up with this one:

Cabled Square

I like the effect that the cables seem to be woven in at the top and bottom by horizontal stripes. This really came out like I imagined, which makes me happy. 🙂

It always amazes me how even designing something so small and simple ends up taking quite a lot of time. Collecting and discarding ideas, trying things out, working the design and writing up the instructions always takes way longer than I anticipate. A big thank you goes to all the designers out there who do all the work so I can do some mindless knitting without thinking whenever I feel like it. I appreciate their work all the more since I’m trying, little by little, to get into designing my own projects.

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