Crazy Quilted Box — Update

March 7, 2009 at 5:28 pm | Posted in Embroidery | 1 Comment

After checking that my little box is still sleeping and dreaming (luckily boxes seem to be able to sleep soundly for weeks on end, or my surprise would be totally spoiled by now), I can show you the progress I’ve made on embellishing the box. Although I have to admit, even getting the one picture I now have was far from easy. This seems to be one of the colour combinations that is fiendishly difficult to photograph. First I couldn’t get any focussed picture no matter what, and when the sun came out for a few minutes this week I managed to take one that’s at least sharp, even if the colours are less than optimal:

Lid for Little Box - Embellished

The reds are much more vibrant in reality than in this picture, which looks far more yellowish than intended. But at least you can see the detail here. Lots of embroidery, lots of beads, a piece of bobbin lace I had lying around from an experiment intended to get away from my white only upbringing with bobbin lace. I had lots of fun trying out different stitches and varying them.

A brillant ressource for this is Sharon b’s Stitch Dictionary. Lots of stitches to explore, and in the sidebar on the left, under “Crazy quilting and needlework”, there are several crazy quilts to drool over, and a brillant series of articles about Crazy quilt seam treatments. Lots of inspiration in there.

I also got inspired by the newest addition to PG’s Crafts Bookshelf, which I finished preparing this week. It’s also a kind of stitch dictionary, just a few years older (100 or so), but you’ll have to wait for more details until it’s actually posted, which should be today or tomorrow, hopefully. I’ll write a full review on it then, I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do!


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  1. I think I’m envious of your scrap box. Some of those colors are nice.

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