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Oops! After cutting the cardboard sides for my needlepoint box too big to start with (better safe than sorry), I made them smaller a couple of times till I was sure they would fit. After covering the sides with fabric and sewing the box together, I ended up with this, though:

Too Small Box

Yep, the box was too small! Since I couldn’t make the band shorter, I needed to make another box. Second time around was easier, though, since I knew exactly how big to make the sides. A bit of fiddly hand-sewing later, things were looking much better:

Canvas Box - Finished Top

Now the only thing left to do was adding feet and covering the bottom, which was fiddly as well, but the result is worth it:

Bottom of Needlepoint Box

This is where Jocelyns Needlepoint Box Tutorial really shines: Explaining all the small things that make the result look neat and tidy, and that are actually easier to do if done right. By starting to attach the piece of fabric that covers the bottom of the box in the middle of all four sides almost simultaneously, I was able to stretch the fabric nice and tight without much fiddling and additional cursing.

The lid was another story, though, but that’s entirely my fault for not considering the consequences of my choice of material:

Needlepoint Box - Inside of Lid

The canvas I’ve stitched this on is very stiff, so it’s hard to pull it around the cardboard of the lid and get a tidy backside. That it’s white doesn’t help either, since that colour doesn’t appear anywhere else on that box.

So, next time around I’m going to change a couple of things: Either use a thinner and more flexible fabric, or at least take some paint in the general colour scheme for the box to the canvas before starting to stitch. A friend also suggested to use a small ribbon or something to cover up the sides, which I think would also work.

But all in all I’m still very pleased with the finished box, so here it is:

Finished Needlepoint Box

Now, there’s still that too small box left, and I already have a couple ideas what to do with it, so back to work play it is!



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  1. It’s beautiful! I love the beads; they’re a really nice detail.

  2. It’s fabulous! Well done. Oh how I wish I could see it in real life – the oclours and texture must be amazing. I wonder what treasures it will hold….

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