Needlepoint Lace—Flower Motif

February 8, 2009 at 8:23 pm | Posted in Lace | 3 Comments
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I’ve made another little bit of progress on my needlepoint lace motif from the Encyclopedia of Needlework and managed to finish all the lace fillings:

Needlepoint Lace Flower Motiv - Finished Lace Fillings

And while only practice makes perfect, even a little bit of practice helps a lot in how my stitches turn out, as you can see in this detail of the flower:

Needlepoint Lace Flower Motiv - Lace Fillings in Flower

I worked from the left to the right, and the fillings are symmetrical on both sides. You can clearly see that things went way better on the right side, when I already got the hang of the filling. The difficulty lies usually in the irregular forms of the motifs, so I have to start and end lines in different places and space the stitches correctly. So, any kind of stitch practice, as in a sampler with lots of squares, wouldn’t really help me. Properly inserting the fillings into those irregular spaces does take practice, and this kind of practice only comes with working more pieces of this.

So, on to the last step, buttonholing the outline. Since this is a relatively large piece of lace, this will be a major task, so don’t expect me to be finished by next week. In the Encyclopedia, this piece is shown with two different kinds of outline: The normal one as described in my Tutorial, and the high relief used in traditional Venetian lace:

Venetian Lace Motif from the Encyclopedia of Needlework

I’m tempted to give this a try with this piece, though it’s a lot of work and probably a mess keeping all those padding threads in line. I’ll report back, hopefully soon, on how things are going.



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  2. Did you ever finish your complicated needle lace motif from the DMC Encyclopedia? The photos here show very good work. I would really love to see the finished piece.

    • uuuhm, I think that particular project sits somewhere deep in my UFO pile. I think I need to dig it out and finish it!

      One of this year’s resolution is to decide for every UFO in the house to either finish or abandon it, and I’m sure that one will end up in the “finish” pile. 🙂

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