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February 1, 2009 at 2:28 pm | Posted in Knitting | 4 Comments

A couple of weeks ago I surprised myself by feeling the need to make something for me to wear! I’ve always shied away from sewing or knitting clothes because of the need to fit. I guess I’m afraid of investing all that time and then finding that it doesn’t fit or I don’t like to wear it. But I immediately was attracted to this winter vest out of chunky yarn, and since this is a relatively easy piece of clothing (no arms, for one), I decided to risk it this time. Getting gauge wasn’t easy because I had to substitute yarns and the pattern doesn’t lend itself to a single gauge swatch, so I used the first front as an extended swatch, and around the third or fourth try I was happy with the results I was getting. Using chunky yarn definitely does cut the time needed to knit this up, so here’s the first front, all finished:

Winter Vest - Left Front

I seem to be in love with cables lately, so this is no exception. What I really start to appreciate in knitting patterns is the attention to the little details. Here it’s the ribbing that’s different where the cables are so they grow organically out of the ribbing, and the arm decreases that are done farther in on the area of purl stitches so as not to disrupt the 1×1 ribbing at the side. And I’m happy with the colour I chose, as well. The model in the pattern I’m working on was in white, which definitely isn’t my colour. The picture shows the colour off well, it’s a dark, rich orange.

The second front is already on the needles, so I hope to be able to finish this in less than a couple of years. 😉



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  1. Love the cables & the fact that it feeds from the rib. I didn’t even notice this until you mentioned it. Must be good designing.

  2. can you tell me what pattern this is? really very lovely . . .

    • It’s from a booklet by Schachenmayr-nomotta (in German). If you’re on Ravelry, here’s the link to the pattern there: Modell 5301

  3. I LOVE that plaited cable! I’ve done it several times on various creations…the most special of which was a Denim Blue Sweater that I made for myself!

    Funny how we who create rarely do that … make stuff for ourselves!

    Will look forward to seeing the whole piece when done…and hoping it won’t be a couple of years!

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