Versatility Mittens—Finished!

January 11, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Posted in Knitting | Leave a comment

I seem to be exclusively knitting lately, I think the communities at Ravelry and at my local knitting group keep me motivated. So I finished my Versatility Mittens this week, and here they are:

Versatility Mittens - Finished

This was my first try at designing something with a pattern, and the result is pretty and definitely wearable! It took a few tries and a bit of tinkering to figure out how to best finish the cable pattern at the top of the mitten, but I worked something out. For the left mitten, I mirrored the cable to make the mittens symmetrical by changing all C5F to C5B and vice versa. I also increased one stitch on the back after the ribbing to have an odd number of stitches at the back, so I could really center the pattern.

For anybody who wants to play, here’s the chart for the tip decreases with the end of the pattern:

Versatility Mittens - Chart

The back of the mitten is 24 stitches wide, the decreases for the tip start on a row with a double cable crossing. The chart is for the right mitten, for the left one switch the cable crossings around.

If I were to make those again, there’s a few things I would change that I didn’t anticipate before starting to knit, but in hindsight should have.

Because of the cable on the back the back of the mitten is narrower than the front side. This doesn’t really matter until you work the tip, when the decreases show up mostly on the back when they should be at the front and back symmetrically. They also seem to crowd the end of the pattern in. There’s a couple of things I could try to fix this:

  • Using the two-circs method to knit the front of the mittens with a smaller needle than the back. This would also lead to a denser fabric at the front where most of the wear and tear will take place.
  • increase a couple more stitches at the back when beginning the pattern. I’d still have the problem how to lose them when working the tip, though.

This was a fun and fast little project, but if I really want to design my own patterns, I’ve got a lot to learn yet.


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