Versatility Mittens

January 3, 2009 at 8:11 pm | Posted in Knitting | 1 Comment

While my Versatility scarf still isn’t finished, I decided I needed a matching pair of mittens. Since I’m making the scarf with the yarn doubled up, I can easily use a single strand of the same yarn for the mittens. I’m using a basic pattern for mittens as found in my go-to knitting book. The fun started when I tried to place the center cable from Versatility on the back of the mitten. To make sure the ribbing is continuous with the pattern, Im using a 2 knit/1 purl ribbing. After some miscalculations (there are only 4 braids, but 5 purl stitches in that braid, I somehow got 5 braids stuck in memory) I worked things out. As of today, the first mitten is finished and the second one already cast on!

Versatility Mittens

Here’s the started scarf again for comparison:


I really like how this is coming out, this is going to be a very nice set when finished!

Something I really start to appreciate while making the first steps to designing my own knits, is the care for the little details that goes into a good pattern and takes quite a lot of fiddling to get right. Kudos to all the designers that take that kind of care and provide us with so many gorgeous patterns.

The designer of Versatility has her own blog at LeTonBeau’s Weblog and the folks at Knitty, where this pattern was published, put together a great magazine with lots of great patterns. You could say I’m developing a bit of an addiction, since Waves of Grain came from the same edition of Knitty as Versatility.


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  1. I really love these gloves. It always makes me happy to see where inspiration leads.

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