Fun with Dolls

December 31, 2008 at 7:50 am | Posted in Crochet, Knitting | Leave a comment

After spending 10 years in the garage and only being recently and unexpectedly found again, the clothing of my collection of dolls I never really played with as a kid was in less than optimal condition. What a perfect excuse to do some fun knitting!
Pink Doll Dress
This evening dress is very simple: I cast on enough stitches to circle the body under the arms (28 stitches in my case) and knit in the round downwards. The skirt is created by increasing 8 stitches every fourth round. I used yarnovers for the increases, leading to a subtle pattern in the skirt. Increases in subsequent rows are done immediately before the previous increase, leading to a diagonal line of holes. I finished the skirt off with a crocheted picot edge, counteracting the tendency of stockinette to curl up.

I then picked up 11 stitches from the cast on to work the front of the dress, gradually decreasing down to five. The straps to close the dress in the neck, giving a back-free design, are done as a single crochet chain, and I worked a row of single crochet down the sides of the front and round the back of the cast-on row.

To make sure the doll doesn’t freeze when going out to her New Year’s Eve party, I started a scarf from the same yarn, to be sewn together at the arms in the “Sleeves” style from Versatility. This wasn’t finished when I had to leave, but my mom promised to finish it, so pictures will have to wait till I’m going back to my parents’ place.

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