Finishing my First Lace Scarf

December 14, 2008 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Knitting, Lace | 1 Comment

Things are moving considerably slower at the moment since I managed to break something in my right shoulder last week. But I still managed to finish Waves of Grain, the Christmas present for my mum. This project has several firsts for me: first project with laceweight  yarn, first time knitting with beads, first time using kitchener stitch with a lace pattern, and first time blocking. I really wasn’t sure what I’m doing here, but things seem to work out just fine.

The project is worked in two halves starting from the ends and needed to be grafted together in the middle. The pattern recommends to knit a row with waste yarn on each side and then graft the parts together following the path of the waste yarn, but after trying this a couple of times and not succeeding I decided to take the waste yarn out and put the stitches on tow straight needles. I then used regular kitchener stitch to sew the parts together. After a bit of fiddling at the start that worked perfectly fine. Here’s the result in close-up (click to see details):

Grafting Waves of Grain

I then proceeded to give wet blocking a try. Here’s the scarf on my blocking board (usually used as a sofa 😉  ) before blocking:

Waves of Grain before Blocking

And here it is again after pinning it out. I used a big garbage bag to prevent the water from getting into the sofa.

Waves of Grain Blocking

Looks really nice, and I’ll be happy to give it away as a present. I’ll post a pic of the finished scarf later.

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  1. That looks great.

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