Falling Leaves

October 12, 2008 at 2:14 pm | Posted in Inspiration | Leave a comment

Yep, it’s this time of the year again. I love fall, and since today is an exceptionally warm and sunny day, I decided to take a walk round the neighbourhood and take in the sights. I never get bored walking along the same paths over and over again. Just watching the seasons go by keeps me amused all year.

Today I decided to have a closer look, so I took the camera, my sketchbook and a folder to collect some leaves. Being on the lookout for good picture opportunities helps me to slow down and actually see things I would have missed otherwise. While I was looking for nice leaves to take home, I noticed a few interesting things: Some trees lose their leaves when they’re almost green, others get a lot of colour and the coloured leaves fall down, and still others keep their leaves till they are dry and brown. Any leaf you collect from one of the latter trees will be dry and brown by necessity. Some trees have lost almost all their leaves by now, while others are still keeping most of theirs. The tree in my backyard is in between: the uppermost branches have been blown bare by the strong winds of last week, below is a large area with mostly yellow leaves, and towards the ground the leaves are still green, so you get a layered tree! There are even different sounds when you walk through a puddle of leaves from different trees. I find it really fun and inspiring to slow down for once and really look and listen. So, here are my findings:

Those will remind me of this walk for a few more days, and maybe inspire a fall-themed project or two. Nature in all its forms is a never-ending source of inspiration for me, so I’m not likely to run out of ideas anytime soon.


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