Koch Snowflake Quilt — Progress!

April 14, 2008 at 6:00 pm | Posted in Patchwork, quilt | 2 Comments

I’ve been hiding behind a couple of book reviews lately because there wasn’t much to show, really. Remember this? Those tiny triangles (and all their siblings) have since been transformed and are now cluttering up my work table:

Oh wait, that’s not all of them! Some of those triangles have already been reassembled again and are now looking like there could be a finished quilt in their future:

The background is what goes for a “design wall” around here. Here’s what I do when I need a lot of vertical space to assemble my quilt, since I have too many bookcases (hmm, not really, one can’t have too many of those 🙂 ) and not enough empty wall-space:

I take a flannell sheet (the only one I own, and exclusively for that purpose) and tuck one end under the heavy boxes (the ones with the dots) on top of my bookshelf. Instant design wall, and as an added bonus you can’t see the mess behind the sheet anymore. 😉

So, back to sewing then, since there’s a deadline involved with this quilt.



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  1. Hi! Mom wants to know how big the bit you’ve got laid out there is. (or how big it’s going to be) She’s impressed, by the way. Llama

  2. Each of the individual triangles has a side-length of 12 cm now. Since I started by paper-piecing triangles with a side-length of 3 cm, I call that progress! 😉

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