Lace Card Exchange

December 20, 2007 at 10:12 am | Posted in Lace | 2 Comments
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I promised to post a picture of my card once it has reached its recipient, so here goes:

Bobbin Lace Christmas Card

First I made the bobbin lace motif, then I figured out what kind of card I’d like to mount it on. So the green tree on the card is exactly the right size because I made sure it would be beforehand. The background is machine-sewed, the fabric-postcard back attached by satin-stitching around the edges. Only when that was finished, I started to work on the embellishments. I attached the bobbin lace around the edges using a small gold-coloured glass bead at every stitch. I then filled in the tree with red spangles held in place by red beads. The stars on the night sky are randomly placed gold beads. The black fabric actually has a tone-in-tone star pattern on it, and I framed one of those stars with gold thread.

And here’s the card I got from the exchange:

Occhi Heart Greeting Card

I really like the tatted heart, and I think the card fits perfectly with it. Almost makes me want to go find my shuttles and figure out if I still know how to tat. I enjoyed taking part in that exchange very much, and am looking forward to next year.



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  1. What a cute lace card exchange. You both did a nice job. So, did you ever get your shuttles out, I wonder?

  2. Actually, yes, just a couple of weeks ago, continuing to work on a lace border I started so long ago I can’t remember. And I did have to look up how to work the knots because I had forgotten in the meantime.

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