Progress Update

December 2, 2007 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Lace, Patchwork, quilt | 1 Comment

There are fibery things going on around here, I just haven’t quite finished anything, though. So here’s a short progress report for the projects I’m working on:

Lace motif from the Encyclopedia of Needlework:

Needlepoint Lace in Progress

Although that dense filling is one of the easiest to work regarding to tension, you can see it is not so easy to fill out every space with the same density without leaving any unintentional holes. I guess only practice and experience will help to even that stuff out.

Handquilting project:

Handquilting in Progress

The finish line is in sight, just the area on the right side is left to fill. Although my stitches are not yet quite consistent, they have gotten considerably smaller and I start to have the feeling that I “got” it. Everything else is just practice (lots of it, I’m sure).

I won’t post pictures of the postcard I’m working on yet, but the bobbin lace motif for this is finished, so I only need to assemble it into a card together with some nice fabric. So, stash-diving is next on my agenda for today. 😉


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