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November 27, 2007 at 9:48 am | Posted in Patchwork, quilt | Leave a comment

While sorting through my pictures, I realized that I haven’t posted about the fabric pictures I gave my nieces for Christmas last year, and now it’s almost Christmas again! Those little pictures are made like the fabric postcards that are so fashionable right now, just a little bit bigger, finishing at 13*18 cm. They’re this size since I already had a collection of frames in different bright colours from IKEA that just wanted to be used for these.

The first one was designed from a drawing I made of a sunflower:

Sunflower picture

Because of the shiny frame and the 3-dimensionality of the flower, I unfortunately wasn’t able to get a really sharp picture. The leaf and the lowest round of petals are machine-appliquéd, and the other petals were sewn individually and attached to the flower when I sew on the center, which also has some additional padding to make it stand out.

For the second picture I made a very simple drawing:

Snowman picture

The snowman and the trunk of the tree are machine-appliquéd again, for the branches and the broom I used different brown yarns that I couched down with zigzag-stiches. In this picture you can see the machine-quilting in the background, and I finished it up with some beads for the details on the snowman.

Those little pictures were so much fun to make that I wanted to make more of them, but somehow other interests took precedence this year. However, just now I’m working on a lacy postcard for a Christmas card excange I signed up for, so I’m trying to get back into things. I’ll post about that one when the card has reached its recipient.


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