A little bit of progress

October 21, 2007 at 1:17 pm | Posted in Lace | 2 Comments

I’ve been very quiet lately, which owes at least partly on lack of progress in anything fibery. But yesterday I finally finished sewing the outline of the needlepoint lace motif from the Encyclopedia of Needlework, and I even started on the filling stitches.

Dillmont Needlepoint Lace Motif - finished outline

Here’s a detail with the start of the lace filling:

Dillmont Needlepoint Lace Motif - Detail of Stitching

In the upper left corner you can see how the end of the outline (coming from above) got secured. Doing the lace fillings for me is the fun part of making needlepoint lace, so hopefully things will go a bit faster for a while on this project.



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  1. I love needlelace, but have never given it ago. I will be watching with great interest to see how this one goes. The small amount you have done looks really good.

  2. […] there for a while so had a little wander round and discovered that she’s actually working on a needlepoint lace project from the Encyclopedia! I spent so long working on these illustrations and thinking about how […]

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