Mountmellick Embroidery: Dog rose

September 22, 2007 at 5:22 pm | Posted in Embroidery | 4 Comments

I finished up the second design from the Mountmellick embroidery sampler in Pat Trott’s Mountmellick Embroidery. This little dog rose is done on the same fabric as the last one, but using perle cotton instead of the Coton à broder I used for the grapes. I wanted to see if I like the look of the padded satin stitch better with this shinier, softer thread. Here’s the result:

Mountmellick Embroidery - Dogrose

The most fun feature of this rose are the leaves worked in buttonhole stitch. They give the appearance of a veined leaf without much effort. And I have to say that I really like the look of the satin stitch in this one. Here’s the same stitch in the two different yarns for comparison:

Satin Stitch - Coton à broderSatin Stitch - Perle Cotton

I think the difference is pretty clear to see. The softer yarn really makes a difference here. While I like the look of the coton à broder for the other stitches, I won’t use it for projects that involve satin stitch.



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  1. This looks really good! I love the thread in this one, it has a nice sheen to it which really highlights the shading in the petals nicely.

  2. Good Job!

  3. I like your leaves particularly!

    Is the stem in Mountmellick stitch? What did you think of this stitch? I find it to be a funny one-sided stitch. It seems to me that someone was probably trying to work Palestrina stitch and made a mistake, thereby creating a new stitch!

    Yvette Stanton
    Author of “Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature”

  4. Yep, it’s Mountmellick stitch in the main stem (had to look it up). And it really takes some getting used to, it’s not really intuitive to work. I agree there’s a similarity to Palestrina stitch here.

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