Finished Weaving Experiment

September 5, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Weaving | 1 Comment

I finished the weaving experiment I started last week, and I’m quite pleased with the result. Here’s a close-up of the fabric:

Woven Scarf - finished, detail

The fabric looks just fine, although the weft has not the absolute same density throughout, it’s pretty regular. The selvedges are a bit uneven, but I have the feeling that a bit of practice will help here. I really like how the colour combination works, what I’d probably do differently next time is the succession of colours. I think it would really help the look if the warp and weft colours at the selvedges wouldn’t have such a high contrast. I’d probably use the dark pink as a contrast stripe in the middle and not right at the edges.

Here’s a picture of the complete scarf:

Woven Scarf - finished

To finish, I just used overhand knots to tie the warp threads in groups of four. A knitting needle or similar inserted into the knot before tightening helps to move the knot into the intended position. I also figured out that when tieing the fringe, the waste yarn should be removed just before each thread is used, not wholesale at the beginning, since the first couple of weft threads tend to become loose otherwise. The second edge I finished looks much more regular than the first because of that!

The scarf is quite a bit shorter than intended since I run out of the white yarn. Therefore, it’s not much use as a scarf (the colours are not really me, either) , but it was good practice and it gives me room for thinking about the next project I want to tackle with this loom. I think place-mats or a pillow cover are the kind of things I might realistically make with this loom, since the fabric will always be quite coarse with only 40 warp threads per 10 cm.


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  1. This looks really great and I love the colour combination. Well Done!!

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