Needlepoint Lace Tutorial – Part 8

August 5, 2007 at 9:24 am | Posted in Lace, Tutorial | 3 Comments

During my holidays I managed to finish up that little project, and I’ll do the write-up of the last steps over the next days.

All the outline threads need to be covered with dense buttonhole-stitches. They are worked over two additional threads that are laid over the outline:
Maple Cordonette 1

It is important to work the parts that should appear in the background first, so the foreground has a continuous line at the end. In this project, the foreground is the complete seed at the top and will be worked last.

The short lines inside the seeds are worked when you come first across them. Take one of the inlaid threads to the end of the line, secure them under the outline thread there and bring it back:

Maple Seeds Cordonette 2

Now the working thread is brought to the end of the line, secured there, and buttonhole stitches are worked towards the line we started from. Here’s the finished line:

Maple Seeds Cordonnette 3

Now the main line can be continued until all outline threads are covered. Then we have the finished lace still attached to the pattern:

I wanted the straight lines that cut the seeds into halves to be symmetrical, so buttonhole stitches wouldn’t work for them. The alternative I used here is just to wrap those lines. This is ok for short lines on the inside of a project, but the outside lines around the piece should always be worked in buttonhole stitch to get good stability.

Maple Seeds - Finished on Pattern

Looks good already, right? In the last part of this tutorial I’ll show you how to get this off the pattern and into a presentable form.


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  1. excellent! thank you. best info online. also dillmont link very useful.

  2. […] The No. 20 thread will be used for the padding, and No. 80 for sewing the buttonhole stitches. See part 8 for the […]

  3. I am always coming back here and want to say you my thanks for the excellent tutorials. Not only instructional but also perfect photos!

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