Needlepoint Lace Tutorial – Part 7

July 20, 2007 at 5:00 pm | Posted in Lace, Tutorial | 1 Comment

I finally finished the lace fillings:
Maple Seeds - Finished Lace Fillings

You can see more detail by clicking on the picture. The lace filling for the last seed is very simple. It is the Third Lace Stitch in the Encyclopedia of Needlework.  Buttonhole stitches are worked in groups of three next to each other, then a space of the length of 3 stitches is left. On the way back the groups of three are worked in the larger loops.

At the moment the different areas of the lace look quite indistinct. Especially the dense stitches of the seeds are running into each other, without a clear delineation between the different areas. The outline doesn’t look very clean, either. So, to finish the lace up, the outline needs to be covered with dense buttonhole stitches. Generally, a doubled up outline thread is laid along the lines before buttonholing to pad the outline a bit, and further threads can be applied to make a bigger outline. I think I’ll try this kind of relief with some of the lines in this design. The No. 20 thread will be used for the padding, and No. 80 for sewing the buttonhole stitches. See part 8 for the results.

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  1. […] the meantime I’m almost finished with working the lace fillings. So, in the next part I hope to show you how the design looks like with all the lace stitches worked and get started with […]

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