Needlepoint Lace Tutorial – Part 6

July 15, 2007 at 6:54 pm | Posted in Lace, Tutorial | 3 Comments

As promised, I want to show you in a bit more detail how the different lace stitches are worked. First the dense stitch I use for the seeds:

Buttonhole Stitch 1

After working a row of dense buttonhole stitches the thread is laid down over the finished row and led under the outline in the same place where the row was started. The thread is then whipped once around the outline to get to the slightly higher starting point for the next row.

Buttonhole Stitch 2

In this row the buttonhole stitches are worked into the stitches of the previous row, with the needle going into the loop of the stitch and under the laid down thread as shown above. The result is a very dense fabric. This stitch was extensively used in some of the old laces for filling in the lace motifs.

The second lace stitch I’m using for the “wings” of the maple seeds is the Sixth Lace Stitch from the Encyclopedia of Needlework. It is shown there with 5 stitches worked in each loop (the illustration is actually Fig. 724, seems to be mixed up with 725) , I used only three.

In the first row large buttonhole stitches are worked between each group of three stitches of the previous row:

Fifth Lace Stitch - Row 1

In the second row three close stitches are worked into each stich of the previous row:Fifth Lace Stitch - Row 2

Most of the time the lace stitches are really just buttonhole stitches in different sizes and formations. There are endless possibilities there for combining those stitches. The books I referred to are good starting points to find out more.

In the meantime I’m almost finished with working the lace fillings. So, in the next part I hope to show you how the design looks like with all the lace stitches worked and get started with covering the outline with buttonhole stitches.


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  1. you are the best! I am a complete beginner for needle lace,i am basically a knitter but wanted to learn this for my project and these instructions are very helpful..thank you 🙂

    • Thanks a lot! While needlepoint lace is very time-intensive, I do find it fascinating to do!

  2. […] part 6 I’m going to show some in-progress pictures of working the fillings, so you can get a better […]

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