Needlepoint Lace Tutorial – Part 2

June 6, 2007 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Lace, Tutorial | 3 Comments

In Part 1 of this tutorial I showed you how I prepared the pattern. The next step is to sew the cardboard pattern to a piece of fabric. You need a piece of strong fabric that is quite a bit bigger than the pattern when doubled up. Double up that piece of fabric and sew around the edges so you have the two layers firmly connected.

Prepared Pattern

Now, with sewing thread, sew the cardboard to the fabric, using pretty big stitches. The picture is not very clear, but I think you can see the white thread on the brown cardboard along the edges. With this we’re all set up for working the actual lace. Starting Needlepoint Lace recommends mounting the pattern on a pillow for working on it, but I prefer to hold it in the hand.

Part 3 of this tutorial will show how to work the outline threads (cordonnet).



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  1. Hi, the link to part 3 doesn’t work, pls help. I saw Dorie Millerson’s work n FiberArts and am really inspired, thanks!

  2. Working now, thanks for noticing. If you go to the “lace” category in the sidebar, you can see all the parts of the tutorial if you scroll down and switch to the second page.

  3. Dear Textiledreamer,
    Thank you very very much for the tutorial, I’m really inspired and I’ll give it a go. I was wandering if there are any good books you would recommend me to read about this technique.

    Kind Regards,

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